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Air Arms will still be having air leak problems on their latest FT/HFT Ultra combo the Daybrocok Regal super 6 (15,000) will have an electronic trigger pad fitted in the Titanium alloy pistol grip and use the latest digital camera scope, that will connect to the head-up display (via the indoor shooting club) fitted to your 3D glasses that you will have to use as you sit in your arm chair at home, after the HSE banned all outdoor activities "as being to much fun" following an extensive & expensive (tax paypayers money) investigation, and the Government outlawed all home gun ownership. All air rifle's will no longer use any form of metal/alloy/lead pellets but a new non lethal sponge Diablo pellet from JSB in .30 2.5g so as not to cause any damage to the metal targets, with all air rifle's restricted to 4ft/lbs.
All pi## taking will be banned too, as it may cause your opponent great distress...............


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