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If the pc pinko namby pamby brigade get their way, all forms of guns will be banned from public ownership.
The discharge of anything remotely consisting of lead will go first.
Target sports will consist of chewed up blotting paper being fired at lifesize targets of aliens, as long as said blotting paper is collected after every "shot" and the area disinfected with antibac spray
Collectors will still need to send their GC2s back for service and tube inspection, estimated cost 20,000 Even though they can no longer be used.
Peashooter air strippers will be on the market with claims of zero trajectory and physics defying wind resistance.
The Ft world champs will be scheduled to be held at the top of mt everest after a local sherpa was granted wftf member status, contraversially, his yak has already got its name on the trophy.

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