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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
I think it's a little disengenuous to suggest that the BFTA can't hold onto a competition that has been called the Euros for a couple of decades longer than many European RGBs have existed, and one that has, by common consensus, produced a winner that was considered the best in Europe. Add to that the fact that the competition was, and still is, open to anyone from across Europe, then I think it has every right to call it that.
There are no 'FT politics' from the BFTA. The creation and development of the European FT Championship is an exciting and welcome development that seems to be gaining momentum and, particularly when the worlds are held out of Europe, could quickly become a significant competition in European FT. As far as I know, it is nothing but welcomed by the BFTA.
Personally, I hope lots of GB shooters are able to attend in Euskadi, but if we are limited to a team of 8, using your reasoning, can the winner truly call themselves European Champion if Andy Calpin, Ian Taylor and the like are prevented from attending?
Personally, I think that if the European FT Championship in Euskadi is open to anyone that wishes to attend, and is more difficult than a '2 day GP', then the winner has every right to consider themselves a champion of Europe.

i nahi duzun arrakasta nire lagun Jesus guztietan
I understand the point your trying to make but the 'BFTA Euro's' also has a cap in terms of overall head-count and your point, if true, would also degrade the kudos of the winner of the World's, as that too carries the same X/country quota system.
I'm not being disingenous about the comp either. Just saying that moving forward, as a competitor, it would be nice if you win to feel that you are the outright champion and that with more than one format carrying the same title this won't be able to happen. I'd rather not see us in (as someone adroitly put it earlier in the thread) a PDC v BDO darts-style situation, or even a boxing style title-tangle
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