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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Or can it?

We are suggesting that shooting groups at paper, at range, to pick batches can be confusing because psychological affect could make us shoot with better, or worse, technique, if we start to suspect that that is a good/bad batch.
I got confused, not hard to do, with the rest of your post.

I have posted some findings from previous tests on this subject, which I think were not the results expected.
Anyway, found a batch of pellets last week that grouped superbly in REV26 barrel, sized to 4.52.
Also shot superb groups out of the tin, but about 10mm higher at 50m.

so I got the chrono down range at 50m, expecting the tin / higher impact pellets to be traveling faster.
They were not, both sized and and unzied were around the usuall "slower" speed of 560fps, with a fairy wide spread of fps, considering their grouping.

Thus, my findings on what has been an interesting idea is that a good pellet that groups, groups, no matter how fast it is going at 50m.

However, I have after the last 6 ish months of using a "go faster" batch with pass the 50m chrono at about 600 fps, come to the conclusion I am giving less wind on a light breeze day that I was with the slower pellets.
That, even I and Tattoo should have been able to work out, made sense faster = less wind.

Might try weighed pellets at 50m just to see what the Fps would be, sounds interesting.
However, having been down the weighing route before, I already know, if you have a good batch, weighing makes not difference to groups at 50m.
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