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Good reply Bri ... thanks ... it's focussed my mind back to the topic and why the downrange Chrono tells no lies.

I also check them as I push them into the barrel on the 77. Too tight or too loose and I also shoot them in the ground and load another.

In practice I used to try and hit the 15mm at 25 yards 5 out of 5 and if I did that I'd try and get to 10. Amazing how many times it was shot 5 or shot 10 that tripped me up.

Cheers Simon ... I tried to convince myself that if the groups suddenly opened up with the 77 ... take a break and try again ... chances are my technique had slipped and the pellets and kit were fine.

Y'Tea ... I started so many courses determined to get a good score and then missed most of the first 10. Then realised I had little chance of a good score that day and so turned the nerves, and self expectation off ... and all of the b**gers would start going down.
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