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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
It will be interesting to see the take-up on this v the worlds in Lithuania...Spain v Lithuania...hmm...
This may be a common problem every-time the world's comes around to Europe but as EFTF are a sub-body of WFTF hopefully they'll work it out.

Personally, I'm all for it: The BFTA can't hold a monoploy on a 'European' competition. The fact it's done so for so long is a wonder in itself but to try to do so from now on will be a little bit sad and a tad silly. I know Estonia held it this year and no Brit's went - that I'm aware of - so maybe we can ignore that one but as its in Spain next year & if someone like Mr Costello goes out there and wins again (he won the last Eusakadi open)Pepone won the last , then I'm not sure anyone winning the same title at Weston Park can say 100% "I'm European champ..".

FT politics seems to be mirroring real world politics on this; will the BFTA do a UKIP & want to get out of Europe altogether?? or do a Tory trick and 'renegotiate our relationship with Europe'!? LOL

I may have a slightly biased view but to travel abroad, take on unfamiliar shooters from other nations, possibly under differing rules, conditions etc & still come out on top, will always be a far greater achievement than winning what is basically a two day GP.

Vive la difference!
If Tesla can bring out the comp they have for the last two years it will be a good event, don't want to mis it

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