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Originally Posted by speed View Post
i just grab a tin of aa fields and tip them in my pellet pouch and shoot
Sorry, I didn't properly explain myself.

I was referring to the 'pour and shoot' part. YES he batch tests, as do I. He just doesn't lube or sort his pellets once he has found that batch. Says it doesn't improve things.

And by no means do I think 'well if he doesn't, then it's a waste of time' I know that for most people, once you've found that special batch, you can get better groupings by weighing them.

Another friend who's a piston shooter sorts by 1/50th of a grain - takes him 2.5 hours per tin! Works really well for him and his group's shrink up considerably. To make it worthwhile (and have a critical mass of each weight) he'll do them in groups of 10 tins - does it every night for a month!

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who works for the importer of JSB here - they typically buy a skid every few years - so I buy 1 tin of all the batches I can find, test them, then buy a case 50 tins (or 45 if they're the 9 tin sleeves).

This actually paid off for me once, as when I was shooting sub 20fpe in 2009, I bought a case of the 10.2gn JSBs for $9 a tin. Used almost a sleeve, then switched to WFTF. Last year I sold the remaining tins for $14 each (the present market price) and they sold like hotcakes, as that batch worked well with a lot of the U.S. shooters. If I'd known I'd get that ROI, I'd have bought all their inventory!
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