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Originally Posted by pirellip View Post
That's all a fellow I know does; and he's been placing at or around the top of all the big UK & International matches for the past many years. Perhaps he's just lucky though.

I know my rig shoots better when the pellets have been sorted by weight.

I think from a 10,000ft level, there is no 'right' answer; it really all depends on what works for YOU!
Yup you might be missing the point of this thread Tom.

The point is this really - You say that you know your rig shoots better when the pellets have been sorted by weight? How do you know that?

Many people come to a conclusion about things like that based on shooting groups at distance, but as you'll probably know yourself not every group you shoot is exactly the same size - some groups are tighter than other groups, even with the same gun, pellets, conditions.

One variable factor in shooting groups is the shooter, and going through hours of weighing and sorting pellets can have an influence on how objective you are when you do your testing.

Shooting groups isn't a bad method, it's what most people do. But is there an alternative / additional process you could also use? That's the point of the thread, I think there is.

Chrono at 55 yards - the pellet with the highest velocity and tightest spread will more than likely be the most accurate and will almost certainly perform better in the wind. Will that win competitions for you? Probably not by itself, but it'll help.

Now you could say - ah but wouldn't pellet testing on an indoor 55 yard range from a rested position give me more consistent groups and a more reliable test? Yeah possibly, but for many, access to a 100 downrange chrono is much easier to get than access to a 55 yard indoor range.

At the end of the day, I'm not preaching the gospel here - do whatever you feel most comfortable with, if you know a person who buys random tins of pellets and cleans up in UK and international events by doing that, personally I'd be suspicious that they're telling you porky pies. It's certainly not advice I'd give to anyone though.

My advice would be - find a pellet that shoots well in your gun (by whatever means you like, using whatever preparation process you like - weighing, lubing, sizing, selecting by BiC pen etc) and buy as many of that batch of pellets as you can afford to buy.
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