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Originally Posted by pirellip View Post
That's all a fellow I know does; and he's been placing at or around the top of all the big UK & International matches for the past many years. Perhaps he's just lucky though.

I know my rig shoots better when the pellets have been sorted by weight.

I think from a 10,000ft level, there is no 'right' answer; it really all depends on what works for YOU!
Well, have a chat with the fellow you know, I guarantee you that he does not buy tins of pellets from the local gun shop on a weekly basis. To get to and maintain that level of shooting, he would have definitely gone through some sort of batch pellet selection process, that may then allow him to take pellets from the tin without sorting/weighing/washing etc if he has chosen a good batch. If he is relying on the quality between batches from even the best pellet manufacturer being consistent and not going through a selection process, then he has been very lucky to stay at the top of the tree, as in my experience, the quality between batches is as great as AA to B class results.
In fact, the whole point of this thread is a discussion on how to speed the process of batch selection up by using a more scientific method, there is no question that by carefully selecting your pellet, you will obtain better results
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