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I've had some decent results (shooting badly at the moment but that's another story) the only part of this i put towards the actual kit is having adjustable cheekpiece and hamster, although i can do well without these i know it will cost me some points if i dont have them.

Most actions are accurate enough to clear courses if you do your part and a cheap mil dot scope is good enough if you learn it (and get on with it of course). Some people may find they need that 2k scope or rifle to go up a level so to speak but that's usually after they have learnt the trade and i dont think high end scopes and rifles are needed for decent scores imho.

I may sound like a arogant knob for this bit, apologies....... having shot afew comps and watched the new shooters or lower level shooters the problem they have isn't that they haven't spent 1k 2k 3k on kit (some have.), they make basic range errors mainly plus wind and technique errors ect. The kit (usualy) isn't the weak link, they are. Maybe they can learn and get better or they may never be great at the sport regardless of how much they spend and how much they try. (No shame in that. Sums me up nicely)

I really don't see kit cost as a barrier to challenging for silverware as you (generally) don't need to spend loads on high end kit to compete. Talent and knowledge yes.

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