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I'd deleted all that as I've posted enough.

I agree that your score is a percentage of the best. The top person's score indicates the difficulty of the course ... so you are right that you can compare how you have done in respect of the top score. I was meaning you aren't competing, as in you have a chance of beating them ... same thing with the bear suit fella ... not going to win the marathon but they can see what time the winner did it in.

My comments aren't negative. I tried to explain in one long post why HFT got started as one chap had asked. Sparky would be the best to give the full story. I've tried to give the OP some encouragement to get out and give HFT a go and not worry about other folk's kit. He was getting bombed on here by the HFT lads and I really didn't think he was a Troll ... just didn't post the best initial post on the thread.
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