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Originally Posted by MrD View Post
2600 views, some find it good to look at :-)
Do not flatter yourself MrD

We all enjoy watching someone make a fool of himself from time to time, a bit like watching the the old drunk bloke on the wedding party dance floor pretending hes John travolta and falls flat on his face

The most interesting thing about this thread (and hense all its visits) has been the overwhelming support for HFT, its rules and the people (regardless of kit) who shoot it

Originally Posted by MrD View Post
not really fan of the troll comments , not when being a Troll is getting quite a serious offence these days.

Can one NOT have an opinion with out the hassle of being called a troll ?
There has been a number of people on here who have offered their advice, offer to shoot with you or take you out on a course, not once have you responded positively to any of the posts, that in my book demonstrates a complete lack of manners, and would point to someone who has no intention of doing anything but try (without success) and stir for their own distorted enjoyment. Like a troll perhaps?
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