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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Assuming it's the outside?

A certain amount of misting by breath can't be avoided except by not breathing on the lens. But dirt on the lens or grease from fingers makes it far worse.

I'm using lens cleaners from Tescos... just these little wipe packs. They work pretty well and are cheap. But you have to ensure your lenses are free from grit, otherwise you'll rub the grit into the glass and score it forever.

That removes all the grease that attracts moisture for me.

I use a blower in the field so I'm not rubbing lenses unless I'm in a sterile environment where i can use a blower and brush and do things more carefully with a very soft micro fibre if needed. It blows any rain drops and moisture off without wiping being needed, and can get inside the scope enhancer without moving it.
It is the outside Rob,
And what sort of blower have you got, ?
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