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Originally Posted by MrD View Post
not really fan of the troll comments , not when being a Troll is getting quite a serious offence these days.

Can one NOT have an opinion with out the hassle of being called a troll ?

2600 views, some find it good to look at :-)
Of course one is entitled to an opinion...just don't be surprised that there will be scepetical and sarky comments. We've had hundreds of threads start like this on here and the BBS and quite often it boils down to someone hiding behind a profile name with an axe to grind.

In 2008 i won the UKAHFT open mostly shooting a s400 and only switching to a Steyr for the last 2 shoots, Lanky Mark finished in the top 10 this year with a MPR and the top 5 in the NEFTA hunter series for the past 3 years have been a mix of Steyr, BSA, AA MPR, HW100...The most popular HFT scope comes in at 150 quid new.

Yes, there's some fancy rifles but they look fancy by the owners adding bits n bobs like custom stocks and hydrographic dipping. That's mostly down to wanting an individual/different looking rifle. It's evolution just as digital scope displays, 80 mag scopes, gimp coats and muti adjustable hamsters are in todays FT.

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