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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Eeeh ... another thread turned into a comedy classic.

I do like the slight irony of a guy who seems to be glancing back at his FT days gone by, when he used a classic old springer ... and gave it up as complex PCPs made it all ' a bit mental '.

So about 20 years later, in 2009, he decides to give HFT a go, as that seemed to be more like those good ol' FT days with his springer ...

... so he buys a top of the range, for the time, PCP with an electronic trigger, that will have cost hundreds ( that's quite a step in airgun evolution from an 1980's HW77 ) ... but then 5 years later ... was in shock, and saddened, at a photo of a HFT rifle with a hamster and a metal buttpad.

Irrespective of kit, the best shooters in either sport strangely keep winning most of the comps.
These days at the top the only difference seems to be the scope (re: parallex ability and magnification) either disciplines guns would not seem out of place in either comps.There might well be an evolution in guns re: HW77 and Mk3, walther etc,etc, never the less I use from time to time my FT rig of the 80's Hw77,Zeiss 3-9x36, john Welham stock, ken turner mk1 triggerand home tuned internals; it has been very successful winning lots of bling and scores compareable to "the modern gas bag specials" in upper 50's ex 60.
One reason I stopped doing FT was the proliferation of big parallexing scopes,but I did compet with the 'big boys' and was suprised that a good score was possible.
It really is not what you have got but how you use it.Something in retrospect that might have saved many marraiges in the past.
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