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Originally Posted by MrD View Post
Must just be me then,

wearing a massive padded glove and resting your gun with hamster on it and the butt toughing the floor

o well, no wonder scores are high and kill zones needed to go smaller.
I have some sympathy for you fella ... but target gloves, hamsters and butts on the floor were all there in HFT in 2009 when you thought it was for you! Even target rifles like the Steyrs.

Go to the photo section and look at RobF's excellent photos of the 2009 WHFTA Champs at Kelmarsh @ Easter that year.

Like Brian says ... if you don't want to be a slave to the most modern kit then sell the Mk4 and buy a nicely tuned 77. You can shoot FT or HFT with that and relive your early days. If you don't want to be resting on a glove on the floor and butt on the floor then, again like Bri says, buy a period scope to go on the 77 and shoot FT like you used to.

Unless all you are after is gonks in a cupboard at home, then all that really matters is that you enjoy the shooting and the camaraderie. Doesn't matter what you are using if you just judge and test yourself against your average score, Personal Best and the course.
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