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Originally Posted by MrD View Post
Hi I used to do FT many many years ago with a HW77 > 25 years a go in fact and it all got a bit mental
with massive side wheels and the likes on complex PCP guns with 50x mag scopes , so I gave it up.
wanted a Sports match GC2 at the time ;-) loved that thing.

2009 I thought mmm this HFT is more my game, a bit like the FT back in the day, So I went out and bought a Daystate MK4 and a 10x scope. aim high I thought, cannot blame the gun then...

Sadly I did nothing with it, work was too busy, bought a house with the gf etc etc

7 years on, I thought, I want to shoot HFT in 2015, so dusted out my MK4 last week and bought a mag AirGunShooter dec ed. (was always a airgunner man my self) but it was the only one on sale.

To my shock on page 30 there was a pic of Mark Wilsons gun. it was a sad sight for me.

big hampsetr and a metal butt hook !!!! that's more than we were allowed in FT back in the day.

why has HFT gone all a bit FT in the guns :-( ?

imo metal butt hooks and the 150mm depth for a hamster (had to look up this new word) should be banned it's all a bit FT .... and is putting me off shooting in 2015 ;-(

then I also read about people fitting spikes etc to the guns to wedge into a tree etc (lucky that is now not legal)

But I also don't like you can put you butt rear part on the floor either ;-(

any way rules are rules and like most things every thing is pushed, but HFT was all about NOT being FT.
More a hunter gun.

any way, my mk4 is all working and i'll have to get some pellets, it seems JSB excact 4.53 are the ones ?

Now just got to work out this kneeling rule, with no bent foot and try and hit some targets !!!

see you in 2015 ;-)
everything evolves m8, just use the kit you enjoy shooting and have a good day, try shooting the kit you have for both FT and HFT you might suprise yourself and take a few scalps, above all just enjoy the shooting
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