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Originally Posted by MrD View Post
imo metal butt hooks ... should be banned it's all a bit FT .... and is putting me off shooting in 2015 ;-(

But I also don't like you can put you butt rear part on the floor either ;-(
Just see the funny side. Shooters pay a fortune for a target style, multi adjustable butt pad that can be adjusted to perfectly fit the shape of the individual's shoulder. This is designed to make sure the rifle will be in exactly the same position in relation to the shoulder every shot ...

... then they stick it in the mud with their shoulder no where near it.

Don't worry about all the fancy kit and accessories. Blokes just like shiny shiny. Their choice. Your kit is perfectly capable. Just go out and start shooting HFT and enjoy it. Behind all the fancy kit is a load of decent guys.

Any one who is any good will tell you the best money you can spend on kit is for tins of pellets ... then go practice with them.

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