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My 20 yr old son and I did our first HFT on Sunday - had great fun.!
We shared an AA Ultimate Sporter I picked up cheap second hand and had a Tasco scope on top that came with another gun and is probably worth 80. But did we have fun ..........both at the bottom of Grade C and fighting it out to the death to draw on 42!! We will never set the world alight probably, wont even make grade AA before I die. But that is the whole point - loads of grades, various degrees of kit but still fun to be had in the little leagues!
If you want to excel in grade AA then you would probably have to invest in some good kit just to run with the pack but nobody is saying you have to aim that high.

I also do FT, LSR and Bench rest - have all the kit etc - still useless but have to say HFT is such a blast - rolling around in the mud like a kid again, finding that killer position arms wrapped around trees and one foot tucked behind your ear - trying to bend pellets like The Matrix!

By the way serious -ish question - can you adjust power half way round a course, as there was one shot where I needed to be 6ft 5 instead of 5ft 9 on a stander and could have done with being able to loop the pellet up and over a fallen log
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