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Don't forget that pressure plays a part in making a shot easy or difficult too.

I spoke to Neil Hague on his way round the course at Anston on Sunday. He'd put in a perfect score on the silly's (20 ex 20) and he had about 5 lanes to go on the course and was still clear at that point.

He'd never cleared both the sillys and a course before, so this would be a personal achievement for him.

I bet that last target he needed to shoot to make a clear round was significantly harder than it would have been if he'd already dropped a point and didn't need it for the clear.

When conditions are calm, the top shots know that the day will be won or lost on the positionals and that puts extra pressure on those shots, and also on the bread and butter shots on the course.

Dunno the solution to WFTF quota's, but I'm thinking lets cross one bridge at a time - this thread will be very useful to me in the next few weeks.

Any more suggestions to add to Neil D's formula?
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