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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That's a big question for the WFTF and one it appears to me to be struggling to answer, or deal with.

There's no qualification. There's 30 odd countries. By the current constitution each country is allowed to send 8 PCP and 8 springer shooters, chosen by the country how they like. With some, this is more people than shoot FT in the country... :roll eyes: and at the other extreme, it just about covers the amount of world champs currently shooting in that country. :roll eyes: And the WFTF can't work out a way of getting those potential 16 x 30 odd shooters on the same course at the same time.

In my personal opinion, the worlds courses should be a mechanism to find the best shooter in the world. At the moment, they're limiting the countries which can send more better shooters, and allowing those that haven't filled their quota to bring a mate along and pick up a .22 break barrel springer on the way to the airport.

But there's no real way of doing a qualification. The best way I've worked out is to have a quota to each country based upon the number of shooters relative to the other countries in the wftf. If each country was allowed to pick one event of their year, and the attendance figure was published and verified, which is easy to do, then each country could be compared. It would mean countries who expanded the sport back home would see the reward in the amount of shooters they could send.

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