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I know what you mean. It's sort of what made me ask the question.

I've shot local HFT courses in little wind with a PCP and only missed a couple ( standers ). I took no pleasure at all in that as the prone shots were not difficult, on that course, with no wind, and a steady stance. I've shot tough courses at places, like Rivi, to more modern UK rules with a springer and had to work at virtually every target and came off with a lower score, but been delighted because I know I've shot at my best.

I just wondered if the very best AA shooters in FT would shoot a local course, to BFTA rules, IN NO WIND, and get a clear, or just 1 or 2 misses, and come off with a genuine sense of achievement, or do they think that they only had to really dig in on a minimal amount of targets.

There is always the enjoyment in being out in the fresh air, shooting tin chickens and being with your mates. From a purely shooting test, do they feel it's been a proper test over the 30 targets ... or just a few.

For me most targets are a test as I'm just starting, and my sitting stance is still not great, but I'm talking here about the very best shooters.

Re this thread ... if you were having a comp with just AA shooters and there was no wind ... would a typical course to present rules truly test them over the entire course ... or would the course have to be made tougher, regarding more reduced kills or more positionals, or whatever, to make more targets likely to be missed. If that is the case then do World courses have to be 'tougher' to be a true ultimate test of the very best? If the very best say that a typical course, even in no wind, is test enough across most targets, and there are very few targets that they regard as gimmes, then that's fine. Similarly, if the Worlds are to attract and allow all levels of shooters to take part, then again there is no need to stretch the courses beyond present rules. I'm presuming the comp to be somewhere where there will probably be little wind.

As a newbie, and low level shooter, I don't know the answers. Some of the guys on here will.

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