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Out of interest ...

10% scoring over 85% and I think 10 shooters scoring 58 or above. It's always difficult when you look at scores and see that several shooters have cleared and/or scored within 1 or 2 of the max. Does that mean that the very best shooters have had to work their socks off all the way around the course and there have been @ 25+ out of 30 targets that have really tested them ... or does it mean that 20 targets on the course have been no real test to them at all but there were several difficult targets ( relative to top AA shooters ), including 2 or 3 real toughies and most of the top guy's odd misses were on the tough targets?

Simon ( NJR ) posted somewhere that in the Welsh shoot last weekend, the greatest majority of misses seemed to be in the standers. The standers had been deliberately made tough to seperate the top shots as there was little wind expected ( apparently even less wind turned up ). The tough standers seemed to have worked.

Putting this another way ... On these courses in little wind ... how many of the targets truly test the top AA shooters? How many of the targets would they expect to hit say 10 out of 10 or 20 out of 20? If most of the targets aren't testing them, and it's only a handful of tough targets ( maybe standers ) that are seperating the very best shooters then is that course a true test for the very best?

This may have to be the case for local, regional shoots, where the course needs to accomodate all levels, including juniors, newcomers and lower level shooters. On these 'local' wind free days then the very best just do the business and knock down the easier ( for them ) targets and dig in and try and get all, or most, of the tough targets.

This thread seems to be related to World courses in some way. Are the World competitions a celebration of all levels of shooters from all over the world, and as such, the courses are also set to accomodate all levels ... or is there some sort of qualification? If there is some level of qualification, or the World Championships mainly attract the best of the best from over the world, then do the courses need to be tougher over the entire course? So would you want most targets on the course to be testing the best shooters and there is a genuine chance that the best shooters could miss any ( or most ) targets on the course?

No bias again here ... just curious. I saw this sort of thing in the early days of HFT ( especially local shoots ) where 24 out of 30 shots were taken rested prone with a PCP with kills, at that time, only 25mm and 40mm and at a max of 45 yards. So most of the targets on the courses were no test at all to the best shooters ( especially in little wind ). Just a handful of targets would seperate the best shooters. It's different now as there are lots of small kills and course setting has become tougher. Not comparing HFT/FT ... just noting that point.

... and Quarnford makes everywhere else I've shot seem like shooting indoors. You could have a 5mph wind forecast in town and you go up the hills to Quarnford and you are 6 inches off plate at 30 yards. Beautiful place and the views and wild bird sounds are worth the trip.

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