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Originally Posted by steviep View Post
Sorry to hijack thread,but Chris I was wondering did the barrels vary in the amount of wind they took?
Not that you'd really notice. I would say that the CZ appeared to move slightly more at 55yds but it could really have been down to a slight, un-noticed increase in wind at the time the barrel was fitted. The zero range at Emley is under cover so it's difficult to feel any difference at the firing line. I was shooting alongside another shooter and knowing his rifle i could roughly work it out.

I saw virtually no difference in the long vs short Steyr barrels. It's mostly down to personal preference that i prefer the look and feel of a shorter rifle, probably just psychological but i feel it helps my standers. The benefit of the longer barrel should be that you need to back off the hammer spring to remove the increase in fps, this should really make the rifle smoother to shoot but i really couldn't tell the difference.
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