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Default brian samsons stuff

Originally Posted by Will south View Post
Thank you to all tips will practice practice practice
Wotcha Will, couldnt agree more with rift, brian has some downloadable 10 times mag mildot targets , defo use them , its always gonna help getting the centre of scope and barrell closer, DONT move your head to clear the targets unless you re centre your head before shooting , these blurry shots are put there to make parralax the biggest hurdle
ALWAYS get someone to pull the string to see the kill move if in doubt, youve only got to get some smart arse move the kill zone up a bit on a 15 mm kill, coupled with a shot up target and its game over, nearly got caught out at buxted on one of those the weekend (put a dire score in anyway )
having yer chops comfortably planted into your cheeck piece will also help, this is where an adjustable stocks gonna help
Hope this helps
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