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Originally Posted by hotversion View Post
Nomore 8 yards mate,starting at 10 yards now so that helps a bit.

He is asking about HFT where there is no change..don't know about other disciplines. have to accept that with most scopes parallaxed at 25y anything 13 yards and closer are going to be out of focussed / blurred..getting worse as you get closer.
It really is a case of shooting paper at 1-2 yard increments to see where you land with your head in its "normal" position, then shooting kills at the regulation size for that distance (8-12y = 20mm) (13-25y = 15mm) and seeing what you can squeeze into the kill.
For me i can put my 8y aim point at the bottom of a 20mm kill and knock over 8,9, & 10y targets. Anything i think is 10,11, & 12y i put my 10y aim point at the bottom of the kill.
With the kill shot up this can be a problem where its difficult to define the edge of the kill, but then if you draw your head back from the scope it often clears the image up.
Mentally make a note of the bottom of kill and use that point as a reference.
Just something you will have to practice im magic solution..just finding something that works for you.
No system is fool proof, as light / shadow can cause problems too.

Have a read through Brian Samsons articles on the site below..some great advice.

MAD for it.

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I would like to agree with you....but then we would both be wrong !!

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