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Originally Posted by Reptile Smile View Post
That's a hugely kind offer, Chris, and I'm very grateful. Will definitely take you up on that if I can. I'm optimistic, but need to check with She Who Must Be Obeyed when she returns from London tomorrow.

I had an absolute blast today - shot the s410 for the first time in the indoor range at Mendip Shooting Ground. Someone extremely knowledgable and helpful helped me zero it (I ended up zeroing at the max I could on the indoor range which was 30ft. I'd rather work in metric, but any zero was better than none...). In addition to shooting some of the HFT type targets there, I also had a crack at some targets. As a beginner, of course, I have no idea what's good, but the attached pic was my best 10-shot, 30-yard effort.

The s410 shot like a dream any any problems encountered were 'pilot error' and not the gun. I found the standing shots a nightmare, but I suppose the whole point of them is that they're the most difficult...

Just need to learn how to cope with wind next...
Not bad at all. there's no doubt that the S400/500 series are good rifles but you're already starting to realise that it's the muppet on the trigger.. That's the thing with HFT...not only does your rifle and pellets need to group well, then you have to take into account wind, elevation, Standing/ kneeling shots and uncomfortable shooting prone positions. One thing i can guarantee though, you'll be smiling for a week after smashing some of the tricky targets.
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