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I've shot Steyr's for approx 10 years now and can sort out most problems...even down to reg level. You have to remember that they are a 10m rifle designed for indoor shooting so a few simple things will help to keep one running sweet. Never bully the cocking lever if it starts to grab as it will rapidly get worse, using your fingers to push back the breech helps a lot. Also carry the rifle around in a cheapy gunbag when shooting as this prevents the ingress of dust and crap.

Steyr's can be menstrual as can many other rifles but they are simple to strip, clean and service and the items that can cause problems (o rings,firing valve,firing valve spring and hammer spring) can be got for approx 40 quid. If the cocking lever is grabbing then adjustment of the block or barrel position can help and if still grabs then replacememnt of the roller and cocking lever should be done at the same time. I normally just drill (2.5mm) out the roller bearing as snapped allen keys are normal due to the hi strength thread lock used (Green 648)...can be done totally in less than 30 mins and approx 60 quid for parts.

I would say the ease of stripping is what makes the Steyr so popular...however that can also be a problem as heavy handed tinkerers can do untold damage.

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