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We held a winter league up in NEFTA at Anston on Sunday and there was hardly a breath of wind (I shot middle for diddle for most targets and certainly never came out of kill).

On a 30 target course we had 1 x 15mm kill, 3 x 25mm kills and 26 x 40mm kills.
There were 3 angled shots - 1 close 25mm kill up a tree, 1 x 44 yard kneeler up a tree and 1 x 50 yard sitter up a tree. None of the inclined shots were more than 20 degrees.

4 standing targets - 40 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 26 yards.

I didn't count how many shots over 50 yards - at a guess I'd say about 6 or 7 with the longest being 54 yards.

So all in all, I'd say it probably met Neil Daniels formula quite well. An adjustable hamster would have been handy for the kneeler up the tree, but Gilly doesn't even have a hamster and he hit it.

We saw 2 clears from shooters who although it's still a great achievement, it didn't come as a big surprise from (Gilly and Neil Hague) and the rest of the scores were still quite well spaced out and the course was still an interesting challenge considering we had 4 WFTF World Champions shooting it.

I've heard that the shoot in Wales didn't see much wind either, how did the rest of the country get on with having no wind?
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