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Originally Posted by Reptile Smile View Post
Hi all,

Forgive me - I'm new to this..!

Presumably there is an optimal barrel length in terms of accuracy vs air consumption..?

Surely, therefore, carbines must, by definition, be less accurate than 'classic' rifles - in terms of a bench comparison? Or is there no difference?
There's no direct correlation between barrel length (as a single parameter) and accuracy.

If you bring in other factors that barrel length may have an impact on then the question becomes more complicated. But as a single value - length vs air consumption, then no there's no global optimal length.

Was that a general question or was there a particular reason you asked. Might be able to give you a better answer if you could give more background as to what you're thinking. For example, are you trying to decide which is the better option, an S400 Classic or Carbine etc, an TX200 or TX200HC etc ?
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