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I've got an lg100, which is pretty much the same thing.

Firstly, any rifle can have problems. An advantage of getting a steyr is that a lot of the top shots and tinkerers have had, or still have them. They are also quite an well established design (ie old).
Therefore the knowledge to keeping them running well is at your fingertips on this very forum.

I had a problem on my one with a leak from the transfer port, it was actually really easy to solve.

Its the most consistent rifle I've ever owned, or even ever heard about! But not the most accurate. Having said that its perfectly accurate enough, just a tad behind an s400 I used to own which is exceptional.

They are (when set up correctly) so dead to shoot you can see the pellet in flight more often than many other rifles. This is a major plus, its like shooting tracer pellets.

They are easy to buy different furniture for and can be very adjustable.

Now, having said all that I dont shoot my one much I'm on a bit of a springer trip at the moment. Next year I may well shoot ukhft with my steyr, now that I've set it up and adjusted the weight and balance how I like with stick on weights. It looks kind of crap but gets the job done, it was way to light weight for me as standard.
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