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I think the point was that one can set courses to present FT rules in this country and achieve tough, challenging, enjoyable courses that even the very best AA shooter will struggle to clear ... mainly because we almost always have enough wind.

I'm guessing that in recent World events, where there usually isn't that much wind ( people keep saying they were hardly out of the kills ), then that country had used lots of small kills or lots of very elevated targets to try and make up for no wind ( ... and maybe trip up the British shooters ).

Again I'm guessing ( but the clues are there ) ... that Bri was gathering input to suggest that, even using present rules and little wind, with some thought, courses can be put out that are still challenging, enjoyable and difficult to clear.

Posts in this thread have given suggestions that could add difficulty to courses with little wind ... uneven ground, elevated targets, having to move bags between shots on a lane to add a time pressure, etc.

Those ideas will add difficulty but how many FT shooters want it to turn into a test of youth, flexibility, fitness and speed?

The Rowan Optimus Prime is already here to overcome elevation and help keep people in the comfort of their normal position. So will more gadgets just come in to overcome any added difficulty?

So that means that budget can also be a factor of advantage.

I think low wind courses add another element of difficulty to the top AA shooters. They will know that to win that event they probably have to clear that course or only miss the odd target, as someone else will probably do so. That alone brings psychological pressure that can lead to mistakes.

Interesting thread.
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