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Originally Posted by Reptile Smile View Post
Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie to the HFT scene, and know nothing about anything but am really keen to learn.*

I've done a fair bit of research, though have been constrained by budget, and have bought an AA s410. I appreciate a magazine feed isn't perfect for HFT, but it was so cheap at 320 that I couldn't really resist it, and I figure I can always put a single shot adaptor in it (have seen the one from Rowan Engineering - are there any others?).

It's in a bit of a state cosmetically, though I believe shoots fine (or so I'm told - I haven't had a chance to shoot it as I live in the middle of Bristol. Am hoping to go down to Barbury this weekend to get more advice and do some plinking). *I'd like to get it re-blued - can anyone advise where I might be able to get that done at a reasonable price?

I've almost inevitably, I guess, ended up with a few questions. *Hope it's ok to ask them here...

1) it came with a scope that as far as I can tell is a Hawke Sport 3-9/40 AO Mil Dot. Now, leaving aside that mil dot makes me as baffled as Adam and Eve on Mothers' Day, I gather this is a budget scope? What would make more sense to get, as and when budget allows?

2) given it's zoom-able, but I couldn't alter it mid-comp, what's best to leave the magnification factor on?

3) how precious do I need to be about how solid the scope is on top of the rifle? I'm not talking about banging it around, but more should I expect putting the gun in a slip cover to knock it out of true/zero?

4) should I have a spirit level on my scope rail to avoid cant?

5) should I stick to one brand of pellet or for some one as inevitably hopeless as I will be when starting out, does it really not matter?

6) what's the point of moderators in HFT? I can't see much advantage in it, given the noise isn't *that* anti-social, and it's quite a weight to put on the end of a long lever. Surely it can't exactly help stability? (Of course, there might be none - the previous owner used it for vermin control rather than HFT, and it might be due to that...)

Huge thanks in advance, and sorry to ask so many daft questions...
No such thing as a daft question mate. One thing that you'll find on the forum is that HFT is really well supported on here with the best HFT shots in the whole wide world being members.

Some good answers already so i'll try and add a few bits n bobs.

1 & 2. The scope is perfectly fine for HFT but i suspect that on the full mag (9) the mil dots might be tricky to use. The first mil dot down (hopefully should be the point where your pellets strikes at 45 yards), given that you've set the scope up (zeroed) at 35 yards. 35 yards is probably the most common zero for HFT. You will soon realise that there's no aim point for 40 yards in the scope. that's why there's been scopes developed with half mil dots and ladder/christmas tree reticules as in the MTC Viper and Hawke TAC. Also your 'budget' scope will be low on optical quality so targets placed in dark, shadowy ares might be difficult to make out. As Mark said, use the scope and then you'll soon see if you need to find something different.

3. securing anything on an air rifle or scope you should use the short arm of an allen key and then follow with a gentle nip up tight with the longer arm. bear in mind that one day you'll need to undo those bolts

4. spirit level isn't allowed in HFT.

5. The AA s400 series isn't known for being pellet fussy. Most target shooters will grab a selection of different pellets and use whichever one groups the best. personally i try to get consistant groups of 15mm and smaller at 35 yards. You'll never get a HFT kill that small at that range (unless an extreme shoot).JSB exact 4,52 and air arms are popular at the moment.

6. You will see a few moderators at HFT shoots but not many as it's down to personal preference. I don't use them but my mate above lanky Mark prefers a moderator as loud bangs cause him to flash back to the time when he was in Vietnam.

p.s in HFT **** taking and banter is mandatory

On 30 th November there's a HFT shoot on.
Furnace Mill Fishery
Wyre Forest
Nr Kidderminster
DY14 8NR

Me and Lanky Mark are hoping to get there but for me depends if the wife is working or not. However some of the best HFT shots in the country will be going and you will be well looked after and will learn more in a day with a seasoned HFT shooter than a decade on the zero range. Also, please don't be put off with the word 'competition'.....even if its the world championships , you'll still find smiles and banter. i'll also guarantee that your score won't be the lowest of the day.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to drop me a PM.

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