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Originally Posted by Reptile Smile View Post
Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie to the HFT scene, and know nothing about anything but am really keen to learn.*

I've done a fair bit of research, though have been constrained by budget, and have bought an AA s410. I appreciate a magazine feed isn't perfect for HFT, but it was so cheap at 320 that I couldn't really resist it, and I figure I can always put a single shot adaptor in it (have seen the one from Rowan Engineering - are there any others?).

It's in a bit of a state cosmetically, though I believe shoots fine (or so I'm told - I haven't had a chance to shoot it as I live in the middle of Bristol. Am hoping to go down to Barbury this weekend to get more advice and do some plinking). *I'd like to get it re-blued - can anyone advise where I might be able to get that done at a reasonable price?

I've almost inevitably, I guess, ended up with a few questions. *Hope it's ok to ask them here...

1) it came with a scope that as far as I can tell is a Hawke Sport 3-9/40 AO Mil Dot. Now, leaving aside that mil dot makes me as baffled as Adam and Eve on Mothers' Day, I gather this is a budget scope? What would make more sense to get, as and when budget allows?

2) given it's zoom-able, but I couldn't alter it mid-comp, what's best to leave the magnification factor on?

3) how precious do I need to be about how solid the scope is on top of the rifle? I'm not talking about banging it around, but more should I expect putting the gun in a slip cover to knock it out of true/zero?

4) should I have a spirit level on my scope rail to avoid cant?

5) should I stick to one brand of pellet or for some one as inevitably hopeless as I will be when starting out, does it really not matter?

6) what's the point of moderators in HFT? I can't see much advantage in it, given the noise isn't *that* anti-social, and it's quite a weight to put on the end of a long lever. Surely it can't exactly help stability? (Of course, there might be none - the previous owner used it for vermin control rather than HFT, and it might be due to that...)

Huge thanks in advance, and sorry to ask so many daft questions...
Hi mate

1) yes it's a budget scope but good enough to use until you can afford to upgrade, if you feel you need to.

2) this will vary to what suits you, between 8 and 10 mag is popular. Personaly i use 10 mag and i would try that 1st if i was you.

3) you should not expect your scope to lose zero with sleight knocks, assuming everything is tightened up enough (don't over tighten)

4) this depends on which rules your shooting, UKAHFT don't allow spirit levels for example. Personally i wouldn't bother even if the rules allowed.

5) i would try exacts and air arms pellets first. Finding a barrels preferred pellet can make a big difference, depends on the barrel since some are more pellet fussy then others. So try different pellets and when you find a batch it likes and buy as many as you can afford.

6) although i currently don't have a moderator on my comp rig i do prefer them. I'm not a fan of the load bang of a pcp (my current rig isn't too bad, which is nice), can help with balance having weight forward and "deaden" any movments as long as it's not too much weight. (depends on rig/shooters preference)

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