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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Paper punching... hmm, well i'm always shooting a paper league, but I like to have a practice a day or two beforhand before doing a set of cards... just because I find 10m quite intense and there's always something to do better.

FT I don't really get the time for practice... i might go down the indoor range on a friday before the shoot for a touch base session / zero check... or I might pop down to weymouth if I want to get to the bottom of something, or fancy blowing out the cobwebs... but that's about it.

HFT, erm... nah... but i need to at least sort the ranges out... (been saying that for 2 years! )

I wish I had more time... given a 50m indoor range I think I could probably do something different and shooting related every day. I'd be single and broke, but it would be tempting

And simmo has posted some benchrest links... there's just not enough time.
Rob the benchrest with 2mm bulls is f@@king addictive sorts out your kit and f@@ks your mind. The HFT is top of the kill and if you win you win. Shoot a course put the gun away shoot another course, cannot remember the last time I practiced for HFT rangeing is simple no matter what the KZ its just wind that does me mostly but I suppose that is the practice.Give the UKBR22 a go its kin fantastic.10 10 10 10 6 and the card is f@@ked.

Andy benchrest beginner.
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