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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
yeah ,I know Colchester Zoo have a couple,they crap everywhere.
works for me.
I don't think it matters what gun you use aslong as its a an accurate one there are good and bad ones in a the models so you just have to find one thats a shooter.
Of course a good gun fit and a stock with a usable cheekpiece is essential , a decent match trigger is nice but not essential.
This ^

Having used both a fair bit for HFT i can say they both are good enough WITH the right stock .

The action is the easy part i would say since most actions are good enough. it's getting stock fit, suitable scope and learning ranging/windage/positionals ect that's the hard part.

Either choice will do you proud (both actions are good enough to clear courses if you do your bit), try them first at a club and you should get a feel of which one (of any) feels right to you, depending on what stock and scope you get with it, stick with it and learn the ropes.
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