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Originally Posted by scruff View Post
I like some of your ideas....why don't you stand for grading officer
Because I think Simon is doing a great job for little or no thanks plus I don't have the experience to step up to any job of standing really.

I'm more than happy to put ideas forward and work on them in my spare time, always happy to help if it helps the sport.

All I'm really interested in here is working towards a more accurate picture of the current field, to have the %/Grade more reflective and not open to being played by using a poor method of execution, Mean average is really poor when Outliers are present and grades C and B suffer badly from them and it's possible to use them to your advantage if you're a trophy hunter.

As Shaun has said we are only ever going to get two changes per season and I can accept that because I can see the reasoning but maybe if we use a more accurate way of measuring we'll see some movement from the bottom. This could only help new starters and as long as it doesn't give you something for nothing then I'm all for it.

Not sure how many people ever elect to go up a grade but there's something about earning that grade that's important to me and I know that between now and the end of the W/L I've got 6% to find to shoot the GP's in B, that's my goal.

I'd also love for the rolling 20 to be online all the time, so you could look it up, compare clubs, people in your grade/club. I know when I started the GP's I was checking what a couple of MFTA shooters where doing all the time (hello Ian and Nick). I love stats and numbers but I also accept that not everyone is interested in that side.

I can also see that a lot of people have put a lot into the sport for the last 30yrs and I really respect that, without them where would we be?
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