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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
I'm good mush,

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
I personally wouldn't opt to shoot up a grade as I like to earn my stripes as they say, I shot WAFTA B class last year and easily won it, I'd set my aim at going up a grade to A. Now what happened was I had a good year and ended up in AA in WAFTA and A in BFTA, now I'd say I wasn't possibly a AA but more A.

Now this year I'm setting my goals on staying in AA and finishing WAFTA's 2014-15 series top 5 :-).

I know there are a few proposals on grading but think a serious look is needed and maybe a fresh take on it like yours is needed

Don't think I would elect unless I felt like it was too close and I was robbing someone in C of a trophy, something I hope to be worrying about come the GPs.

That's some ladder climb there Bri, well done fella, staying up in AA will take some focus, one bad day and your pretty much gone, been watching Dave Robbo move between 86 and 83% since the Euro's - that would burn me out
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