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Originally Posted by gantongunner View Post
ok so how will this all affect me
I am new to FT this is my 1st season
I have looked at the GP but think due to distances etc I will probably not be able to do it
thus by that my rolling 20 will be about 2 years
by which point I hope to have improved quite a bit
so predicting my next season more like predicting how I will be in 2 seasons
A long wait to see the actual published evidence you have improved lol

This was my 1st full year in both WAFTA and the BFTA where I shot nearly all the WAFTA and nearly all the gp's to as well as the Inters, NEFTA clasic, Euro's, BFTA masters and showdown. All great shoots with masses of learning and I'm only now starting to shake off my starting scores (a few pants ones).

It's lots of travelling and worked out I shot nearly every weekend once the gp's started, worth doing it once though. I won't be doing as many next year with my lad being one and so I'll select a few and the big ones of course.

Give as many as you can a go and enjoy it

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