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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Hey Bri,

Hope you're well fella. I think the more I look at it the more I just want the score to be reflective of current status and as accurate as we can get them without being too complex.

I accept that no system for averages is perfect unless you have an something that's looking at every single number and if that worked I'd be using it on the stock market not to see what Our Kes has scored

If a two seasons are 11 W/L and 9 GPs, then taking 80% from the last 12 scores and 20% 8 from oldest should give you something more reflective. Then it depends on how you tune out the outliers, I should also add that looking at all last years data my changes would have a greater effect on C and bottom half of B because above that people do tend to be more consistent with no outliers to speak off.

But it doesn't really answer the question asked by two regions about grade movement, Shaun's said you only get two per year for reasons obvious. So maybe the answer to that is to split the W/L & GP's in two Then you could have 4 and get more movement.
I'm good mush,

I'm with you on reflecting where you are, I shoot to improve my averages against where I was previously always thing to get better.

Averages and numbers can always be changed arround or manipulated to come up with a different take on things.

With the different leagues and GP series then once started it's difficult to change during that series, so it needs to be a true average that is calculated just prior to the start and that's where you stay for the series.

I personally wouldn't opt to shoot up a grade as I like to earn my stripes as they say, I shot WAFTA B class last year and easily won it, I'd set my aim at going up a grade to A. Now what happened was I had a good year and ended up in AA in WAFTA and A in BFTA, now I'd say I wasn't possibly a AA but more A.

Now this year I'm setting my goals on staying in AA and finishing WAFTA's 2014-15 series top 5 :-).

I know there are a few proposals on grading but think a serious look is needed and maybe a fresh take on it like yours is needed

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