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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
The problem with the Lightstream has little to do with more parallax error than other scopes, it's really down to the huge field of view which is almost twice that of a Bushnell 6500 on the same magnification.

What this does is allow the shooters head to come off the centre of the scope more than other scopes before the picture is lost which gives the impression of more parallax error.

When comparing the two with exactly the same head movement (5mm off centre) the parallax error is pretty much the same.
Absolutely, the same can be said of all scopes. But does that leeway that manifests as greater PX error if you aren't very careful about your head position have anything to do with the lens configuration used in FFP scopes? I seem to recall a few having problems with the FFP Leupold MK4s in this respect too.
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