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My view is that we need to decide what we are measuring. We have BFTA Events to a national standard and regional events to a different standard (can be argued +/-) and sometimes different rules apply within a region. We also have am and pm sessions where the weather can contribute more than the course setters. The %age depends on the top score of the session, sometimes 1 clearance can have a bigger impact on the rest than a bad day.
For some WLs are for testing new rigs, pellets, scopes i.e. chance to drop a grade, for some getting the rig right means going up a grade ....

I would suggest a BFTA Grade based solely on BFTA events and a Combined Average including everything.

Results on the day of a 2 session shoot to be based on top score of each session.

Trophies? - who cares.... if all you care about is the grade. Don't care about the grade? Enjoy the shoot.

Qualification for Worlds? base it on a recent event rather than a 2 or 3 year average.

Compute power is so cheap - all it needs is one or more spreadsheets and you can have a clearer average based on the events it has some relevance to.

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