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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
If you remove the outlaying scores, and consistently put in scores that push you up, or pull you down, that's your grade. Fudging it so you only go up is just fudging it.

I'd also add, that all scores from every league should be added, and if a competitor doesn't hand in score card, they lose trophy and qualification results from that league. Removing outlaying scores accounts for the extremely rare event of non pilot induced kit mishap.
I don't disagree Rob, the point I made at the start of the thread is still my point tho.

1. Mean isn't very accurate when you have Outliers and
2. The current scoring system doesn't reflect how you are currently shooting.

Top and bottoming (waits for Tool) scores aren't the issue, never have been and the only effect of topping and tailing means you travelled to two shoots for nothing plus it has little or no effect. 3 low outliers on someone who only shoots the Winter League can be there for two years and push a score down by up to 25%.

Not looking for free %, just asking if we can do it more accurately so that your % is a true reflection of how you are currently shooting and not a weakness in a calculating method. Anyone who does stats for a living wouldn't use Mean Average and there's a reason for that.
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