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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
One thing to remember...

We don't want shooting moving grades mid season... because either going up or down is going to make someone unhappy if they get to the end shoot and either find they aren't in the grade they've been fighting for, or someone else is now in the grade they've been fighting for.

We have the start grades for national series, and then they are recalculated at the end of that.

I understand the point about the maths, Mr. Cooling used to do some maths tricks for our club league about a decade ago. He did something that weighted grade % around the core shoot of the day as well. He'd have to explain.
Yeah, can see that Rob. I guess having two seasons makes it difficult, 4 anyone?

On the maths, I don't think it has to be that complicated, in fact what I and Shaun have suggested isn't, I could explain it in a tweet. I don't think we need to go more complex, just more accurate.
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