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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Alternatively the shooters themselves could opt to shoot in a higher grade, one that is a true reflection of their ability rather than stealing trophies from shooters of a lesser ability.
The whole idea of the grading system is to allow shooters to compete against others of the same ability, while maybe being somewhat below the top score on the day.
Unfortunately the integrity of most shooters is somewhat lacking.
Taking candy from a baby seems to be the motto in today's FT.
See, I got asked this two weeks ago. I've put in some good shoots and got asked if I'd opt to go up.

I said no for two reasons:

1. I want to earn the grade.

2. I've got a couple of my own sheets, so I know for a fact I shoot at 61% at the moment (outliers removed).

I think if I'd been hitting 80% on my last five shoots my answer would have been different tho.

However if the maths/frequency change where the outliers are removed this would be an answer to the above Neil and it wouldn't also punish C Graders a lot less for bad days or reward AA unfairly. All I'm interested in is accuracy (expect when shooting in the MFTA W/L it would seem).

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