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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Hi Martin

I agree.

My solution = keep rolling 20 but only count your best 16 scores. This factors out low outliers
I like the rolling 20 because the bigger the dataset the more accurate you can get it. But I'll take a look at this and see what I can find.

Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
In excel something like this

=sum(a2:t2)-(large(a2:t2,17)+large(a2:t2,18)+large(a2:t2,19)+l arge(a2:t2,20))

assuming you have 20 scores; easily adapted if not.
Yeah it's easy to fix if you don't have a "full condiment of scores" but I'll give that a try, I've been playing around with the maths for a while looking at getting as close as you can to be accurate without building a database that runs the maths as well as having something that simple to explain.

What do you feel about the frequency of the Grade Updates Shaun? If it's movement we desire they have to more frequent, for me it feels like we have two seasons: Winter League and GP's, which I think is 20 shoots give or take.

I'd also love for all this to be online and viewable all the time.
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