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Originally Posted by Jok View Post
Hi ALL, I'm newbie here...Too bad for the LGU, I was going to purchase that one but none available my country yet. So bought LGV Master Ultra .177 instead. I just shot about 600 pellets now and that barrel still smoking. From what I've been reading from some sources the factory had put too much grease on it. I really want to strip the gun and get the grease out, but I'm worry that the muzzle energy would drop. Currently it produce 850 fps on JSB 8.4 gr...I wanted to get the same FPS on heavier pellets....what should I do? Thanks for your advise.
Hi Jok, welcome aboard.

Strip it and make sure there's no grease in front of the piston seal and while you're at it wipe off the excess grease on the spring.

If the power drops add some preload.

Tuning for a higher muzzle energy with a heavier pellet is a bit of a balancing act and you might end up with a gun that isn't as pleasant or accurate to shoot. Personally, I would stick with the 8.4's
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