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thats right jedi, in 2013 you had the privilege of shooting with my daughter Melissa who was 19 at the time, along with Gordon Burns daughter Jennifer,
Melissa said it was a nice day until you accidently fired your gun off and got a Doughnut,
it was then you became very aggressive spat the dummy out and started to act like a complete tit,
so much so, Melissa did not want to shoot the 2nd half and I was preparing to forfeit and take her home,
however after a rest she decided to soldier on,
which was good for me as I have a shiny trophy for coming 3rd place,

the vast majority of shooters including myself thought it was a fantastic shoot and the only people complaining were those who frequent the nationals,all three of them.

and it is you that have dragged this post down to where it is now, after Pete gave me a scolding for suggesting smoking be banned for 1 year,
he must think I take it too seriously lol

some people just can't see a freight train coming.......choo.....choo

Jedi you need to stop acting like a big baby, grow up and laugh it off,
or be forever tormented.
Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
Sir, Winston Churchill
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