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it wasn't me who undermined the Scottish hft manager, by offering Pete Sparke telephone number to anyone with a problem
Ask the organ grinder,not the monkey i always say...

it wasn't me who said, they had permission from Pete to use a scopecam,
A gopro is hardly considered as a "Scopecam" but if you trolled me harder you would have known this

And it wasn't me who recklessly endangered if not shooters then the club grounds by lighting a cigarette up at the firing line after being told at the safety brief that smoking was not allowed, as we would be shooting in and around tinderwood, absentmindedness is one thing, but then you proceeded to argue with the marshall, when you were asked to put it out
Singled out at the outrageous Scottish Champs double header, (this was almost two years ago peeps) By the SARPA hft manager, who's not my biggest fan, but admittedly having to suffer your offspring both rounds left me slightly on edge to say the least, that resulted in my negative responce..

Wouldn't it be easier to just do better, rather than drag Scottish shooting down with all this negative posting of late Popgun.....
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