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Originally Posted by jedi020 View Post
Yes I'm getting a bit sick of this particular individual, taring Scottish shooter with his brand of brush. Maybe the clock should be pulled out more often ehh popgun!!...
atleast i only make my mistakes on the forums.

it wasn't me who undermined the Scottish hft manager, by offering Pete Sparke telephone number to anyone with a problem

it wasn't me who said, they had permission from Pete to use a scopecam,

and it wasn't me who recklessly endangered if not shooters then the club grounds by lighting a cigarette up at the firing line after being told at the safety brief that smoking was not allowed, as we would be shooting in and around tinderwood, absentmindedness is one thing, but then you proceeded to argue with the marshall, when you were asked to put it out,

i've wondered for along time what all the drama was about.
Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
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